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5th Grade Expectations

Each child is expected to have for each class:

  • His/Her agenda
  • A pencil
  • A book to read for pleasure
Each child is also expected to:
  • Write each homework assignment in his/her agenda 
  •  Keep homework in his/her homework folder
Parents: Please initial the agenda at least once a week acknowledging that you have seen the assignments.


  1. Homework is assigned each day your child has math class. Homework is expected to be done by the next class. Your child may have to study for an assessment over the weekend.
  2. Each child is expected to know all math facts automatically in order to be successful with 5th grade curriculum (+, -, x, and division)
  1. A Reading Log is assigned weekly. Your child will take an Accelerated Reader's test after each independent book is read.
Social Studies:
  1.  Projects are assigned throughout the year.
  2. Assessments are administered for each unit.
Language Arts:
  1. A spelling list is assigned Monday; homework is assigned Wednesday and a spelling test is administered each Friday.
  1.  Journal question is given each day and is answered in class. Journal is collected and checked every 2 weeks.
  2.  Lab experiments are done for each topic and summary/reports may be assigned.
  3.  Any work not completed in class can be finished at home.
In all content areas, projects, assessments and activities may be assigned throughout the year. Check your child’s agenda each day.
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