Michael Neveln - Grades 5 & 6                 Chantelle Moynihan - Grades 7 & 8                       
603-524-7146 ext 505                               603-524-7146 ext. 503
Our goal is to support and promote student success in the school environment by providing the following services:
  • Individual Counseling - Assistance is given to students for promoting academic success, positive social skills and behaviors and much more. Referrals can come from teachers and staff, the principal, parents, and/or students themselves.
  • Small Group Counseling - When students have similar concerns, arrangements are sometimes made for them to meet as a group. Topics might include social skills, study skills, or coping strategies to help students be successful in school. The groups usually occur during lunch or study halls.
  • Classroom Guidance Activities - Activities within the classroom setting are provided on topics such as anger management, conflict resolution, decision making, friendship skills, understanding self and others, self-esteem, bully-proofing, diversity, goal planning and relaxation / coping strategies. These are provided both on a regular schedule through our Unified Arts rotation, as well as by request of a teacher as needed.
  • Teacher Support - In order to maximize student performance within the classroom, counselors work with teachers to understand behavior, discuss strategies and plan for appropriate educational interventions.
  • Parent Support - Counselors work with parents to solve problems and deal with issues as they arise both within the school environment as well as at home. Counselors act as a resource for parents around issues such as child development, learning strategies, coping strategies, anxiety, sibling rivalry, divorce, grief and discipline.
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