October 3


-Positive role models, starting off strong this year

-Review 3R’S and 1 C, Importance of NECAP tests


October 31

-How did students demonstrate the 3R’s and 1C last month?

-Working hard, having pride in their work

   Obama Challenges Students to take Pride in their Education


December 5

-Assessment of last month’s goals

-Positive relationships with others-not making fun of each other. This will not be tolerated.

-Having pride in your school- picking up after themselves. Hallways should not be a mess

-Walking in the side stairwells is allowed to demonstrate responsibility. Please be quiet as you walk throughout the building.


January 3

-Tracking data on students making fun of each other

December data (reported incidents)- 5th-3   6th- 4   7th- 6   8th- 4

-NWEA testing overview


February 6

-January data (reported incidents)-  5th-3    6th- 2    7th- 3    8th- 6

-Work around quotes of success and putting their best effort forward. There are a small percentage of students that are not working to their potential. We would like to see that change whether it’s handing in a homework assignment, taking notes during class, or retaking a test. Understanding that working up to your potential is crucial. 


March 5

-February data (reported incidents) 5th- 1   6th- 2   7th- 1   8th- 1

-Review emergency protocol. Report out what was seen during February’s lock down drill.


April 2



April 30



June 4