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posted Jun 9, 2017, 11:24 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good afternoon.  This is it!  Just one more week to go.  I know it is cliche to say but it truly is amazing how fast the school year flies by.


There is a mandatory full dress rehearsal for Tuesday’s Talent Show in the high school auditorium after school on Monday.  Students are free to leave after they perform.  The Talent Show will begin at 12:30 and run until about 2:15.


The last week of school is certainly a busy one:

  • Monday

    • Silver Hawk Award Ceremony (1:25) at GHS

  • Tuesday

    • Annual Talent Show (12:30) at GHS

  • Wednesday

    • 5th Grade Field Trip to the Flume

  • Thursday

    • 6th Grade Field Trip to Canobie Lake Park

  • Friday

    • 8th Grade Moving Up Day Ceremony (9:30) at GHS

    • Locker Clean-Out and Field Day w/Cookout at the Village Field

    • Dismissal is at 11:25



Finally, preliminary results from our SBAC tests earlier this Spring show that ALL grades in ALL tests (Math & ELA) showed growth over last year and ALL are above the state average.  Our students and staff worked hard on these assessments and it showed.  One proud principal here….



Thank you and have a great weekend!




posted Jun 5, 2017, 4:12 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good evening.  Just ten more days of school!  These next two weeks, with the anticipation of summer coming, can test teachers’ (and parents’) souls.  Fortunately, I have a wonderful, experienced staff here and our students (your kids) are rock stars.


Our 25+ annual 7th Grade Gilford Beach Clean-Up was today and amazed us in two ways:  One, in how fast and hard the kids worked to get the beach cleaned for the upcoming summer and, two, how long they stayed in the cold water!  


I have attached three documents to this email.  Two of them regarding the Gilford Got Lunch program; both have to deal with how you can help out the organization, especially by volunteering.  And the third being the agenda for Monday’s School Board Meeting which takes place at the Gilmanton School this month.


The English Department Team Leader at the high school, Mrs. Bishop, will be talking with our 8th graders (and next year’s freshmen!) about the Summer Reading assignment.  This will take place in the high school library next Friday during their last class.


Tonight at 7:00 and tomorrow at 8:00, the GMS Theatre Crew will put on the production of “Into the Woods.”  This will take place in the high school auditorium.


The 8th graders will be on their annual year-end trip to Boston on Wednesday.  Also on Wednesday, we will host the MS POPS Night where our talented vocalists will show their stuff in our cafeteria; this begins at 6:30.


Thank you and have a nice weekend.



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Email Vol Form 2017.pdf


posted May 26, 2017, 11:49 AM by Suzanne Bowen   [ updated May 26, 2017, 11:51 AM ]

Good afternoon.  During our morning announcements today, I read, "The 3 Holidays Announcement”, to the student body.  This was to acknowledge the sacrifices made by the “Blue” and “Gold” Star military families.  I also explained what the stars represented and took the opportunity to remind the students that this weekend they should keep in their thoughts those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.


Also, two of our students (Nathaniel Poll and Brayden Taylor) created a display honoring veterans and those who died fighting for our country.  It was a representation of a family dinner table with items that symbolized the sacrifices that families make when they send their son/daughter off to war.


On Memorial Day, our middle and high school band will once again lead the town in remembrance of those who have fallen in the annual Memorial Day Parade here in the Village.  The ceremony begins at 10:00 am in front of the Gilford Community Church.  This is always a very special event.


Kudos to our band and choir performers who were “spot on” at Tuesday night’s Fisher Cats game in Manchester.  They made GMS very proud once again!


Also making us proud here, were the students who attended last Friday night’s dance.  As one chaperone put it, “you could not have asked for a better group of kids.”  I couldn’t agree more….


Next Friday (6/2) is the last chance to order this year’s edition of our school yearbook.  There will be no extras ordered thus none to purchase after next Friday.  Please go to the Josten’s website to order.  


I have also attached this month’s flyer from the Gilford Parks and Recreation program.


Tip from the Middle Years* - Sun Smart - Encourage your child to be smart about outdoor safety habits this time of year and into the summer.  Have her drink lots of water to stay hydrated; when’s she thirsty, with meals, and while she’s active outside.  Also, make sure she knows to wear sunscreen even on cool, overcast days, since harmful UV rays still come through.


Thank you and have a nice long weekend with your families.





*Resources for Educators - May, 2017


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P&R News May '17.pdf


posted May 19, 2017, 7:05 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good morning.  Big day in Gilford today with the high school having their Prom and the middle school having our grade 6-8 dance from 7:00-8:30; $5.00 cost.  We wish a safe and fun night for everyone.

The second annual Memorial Day 5K race to benefit Camp Resilience will be taking place on May 29th at the Gilford Youth Center.  There will be a “fun run” for smaller children, as well, where there will be supervision and prizes.  The GHS National Honor Society is looking to get as many runners as possible.  Attached is a detailed flyer on the event.

On Monday and Tuesday of next week, our 8th graders will be taking their Science NECAP assessments.  Once again, please encourage, rest, and feed your children well so that they can put their best foot forward.  I was very impressed with their efforts on the SBAC tests and hope that this will continue with the NECAP.

We have another Early Release next Wednesday (5/24).  Unlike today (11:55), students will be dismissed at their normal early release time of 12:20.

Also, next Wednesday evening starting at 6:00 at the high school is the district’s annual STEAM/GEEF EXPO.  This is to celebrate the work teachers and students have done in the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.

Tip from the “Middle Years”* - Keep on Learning; Create a science spot:  Designate a corner for storing odds and ends (cardboard, index cards, aluminum foil, etc).  When your tween says, “I’m bored,” see if she can figure out ways to use them in a science experiment or engineering project.  Cardboard tubes could become a marble “roller coaster” to test gravity.  Aluminum foil and index cards might be engineered into a shiny skyscraper.  Have her research ideas online or in books.

Thank you and have a great weekend!


*Resources for Educators, May 2017
Attachments available for 30 days until Sunday, June 18, 2017:
memorial day 5K Flyer.pdf


posted May 10, 2017, 7:33 AM by Suzanne Bowen   [ updated May 15, 2017, 6:43 AM ]

Good morning.  It is nice to finally see the sun shine today.  This is always a morale booster for both our students and staff!

Our annual STEAM/GEEF EXPO will be held at the high school next Wednesday (5/24) from 6:00-7:30.  Come and get inspired and experience hands-on demonstrations celebrating student discoveries and achievements from all three buildings!

This Friday, the PTA is holding an Ice Cream Fundraiser (with Jordan’s Ice Cream!) at Funspot from 2:30-9:00.  All people need to do is get yummy ice cream and they will give the PTA a percentage of the ice cream sales.  Friday night is Gilford PTA Night!

But before you get your fill of ice cream, get your fill of wonderful music tomorrow night at our Monster Band Concert.  This is held in the GHS Auditorium beginning at 7:00.

Congratulations to our Spanish/French teacher, Stephanie Masters, for reaching the semi-final round for the state of New Hampshire’s Teacher of the Year!  A committee from the NHDOE will be here on the 24th to interview parents, teachers, students and, of course, Mrs. Masters.

I have attached two flyers from Laconia High School’s HUOT Career and Technical Center.  One is in regards to a summer camp for girls, “Girls Technology & Career Camp,” which runs from June 26-June 30 (current 7th & 8th graders only).  And the other, for both boys and girls, is the “Summer Construction Camp” which runs from July 10-July 14.  Check them out!

Eighth grade students are currently doing their “impact testing” for concussions.  This is mandatory for students wishing to play sports in high school and a good idea for everybody as it gives GHS nurse Meg Jenkins a “base-line” in case of a head injury that takes place at school (whether it be related to sports or not).  Students take these tests on a computer.

Events for next week:

  • PTA Poetry Night - Wednesday, May 17th at 6:00 at the Gilford Public Library

  • Spring Choral Concert - Thursday, May 18th at 7:00 in the GHS Auditorium

  • Early Release - On Friday, May 19th; students will be dismissed at 11:55 (to coincide with GHS dismissal)

  • Grades 6-8 Dance - Friday, May 19th from 7:00-8:30.

Thank you and soak up the sun (while it lasts)!


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posted May 8, 2017, 4:04 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good afternoon.  Our students finished strong this past week with the last part of their SBAC (math portion) test.  I am very proud at the effort they put into the assessment.

I have attached three documents to this email:  The Gilford Got Lunch registration; our Summer Math Academy overview and registration; and a letter from our very own Chief of Police, Anthony Burpee on alcohol awareness.

Congratulations to the following students for their wins on the PTA’s annual poetry contest:  Noah Bolduc (Grade 5, “Forest”), Samuel Leggett (Grade 6, “On the Brightest Morning”), Valeria Ramos (Grade 7, “Another Sanctuary”), Kayla Loureiro (Grade 8, “Dear Younger Self”), and Lily Burleigh (overall GMS winner, “Glass Eyes”).  Poetry Night will be held on May 17 at 6:00 at the Gilford Public Library.  The winners will share their poems and receive their prizes.

Your 8th Grade son/daughter should have come home with the order form for their class t-shirt.  The cost of $20 includes the t-shirt and for the refreshments served at the Moving Up Day ceremony.  Please have your student bring the fee in CASH and form to Mrs. Nicol by Tuesday, May 16.  Any questions, please email Lisa Hart.

The Monster Band Concert will be on Thursday at 7:00 in the high school auditorium.  Bands from grades 5-12 will be entertaining us that evening.

Tip from the “Middle Years”* - Keep on Learning; Take math on the road - Have your middle schooler practice doing math in her head with this car-trip activity.  Suggest that she add, subtract, multiply, or divide numbers she spots on the way.  If she sees a sign for 7th Street and a 25 mph speed limit, she might multiply 7 x 25 or divide 25 by 7.  Turn it into a game, let her call out the problem. The first person to answer correctly gives the next equation.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


*Resources for Educators, May 2017

Attachments available for 30 days until Tuesday, June 06, 2017:
Alcohol Awareness Month Letter.pdf
GGL 2017 Reg Form & Info.pdf


posted May 1, 2017, 4:05 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good morning.  I hope that you are enjoying this week with your child(ren).  It is hard to believe that when they return to school on Monday, we’ll be saying “next month and school will be over!”  Speaking of when they return on Monday; on Tuesday the students will begin the math portion of the SBAC testing.  I was very pleased as to how hard they worked during the ELA portion and am hoping for a repeat performance.  There will be no nightly homework assigned that week so that students can just focus on giving it their best on the test.

The Unified Club will be joining the high school’s Unified Club on Friday, May 5th to go bowling at Funspot from 3:30-5:30.  We will have pizza, drinks, and bowl two strings.  The cost is $10.  Please contact Ms. Belanger with any questions and to let her know if you are attending.

Last week, Mr. Sperazzo (GHS principal) sent a warning to parents about the current Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why.”  This is a show that has become very popular with teenagers and is about a high school student who kills herself and leaves behind audiotapes detailing the events that led to her death.  In each tape, she essentially blames her death on the actions (or inactions) of a group of classmates and a faculty member.  We feel that it is “unsafe” and much too graphic for our students to watch.  If you are considering letting your child watch, please be sure to research the program beforehand.  Just my two cents….

I have attached three documents in this email.  One, regarding our Summer Math Academy; two, the May School Board Agenda;  and the other, the Gilford Got Lunch program.  Please pay attention to all three.

We will be holding our annual Talent Show Reviews on May 24th and 25th after school.  Students of all talents are encouraged to participate, whether they are gymnasts, singers, dancers, musicians, etc.  Everyone is able to participate with coaching from Mr. Warnick and Mrs. Moynihan.

The GMS/GHS Chess Club will meet on May 11th, 18th, and 25th in our cafeteria after school from 2:30 to 3:30.

Congratulations to our D.A.R.E. Project winners:  Michael Guerin, Avery Hennig, Riley Powers, Eizabeth Albert, Caroline Guest, Charlotte Lehr, and Ryan Guyer.  Kudos to SRO O’Neill and Mr. Donovan for organizing this important program.

In regards to next year’s schedule, please let either Mrs. Zimmer or Mrs. Moynihan know if your child is NOT going to participate in Band and/or Chorus next year.  Otherwise, we will assume that they are and put it in their schedule.

Our office will be closed on Thursday and Friday this week.  The SAU office, however, will be open on those days.  

Thank you and enjoy this last week of April.


Attachments available for 30 days until Thursday, May 25, 2017:
GGL 2017 Reg Form & Info.pdf


posted Apr 21, 2017, 11:32 AM by Suzanne Bowen   [ updated Apr 21, 2017, 11:33 AM ]

Good afternoon.  I just wanted to wish you all a happy vacation and also wanted to let you know of two big news items:  First, the 6th Grade Math Team won their league championship yesterday.  Kudos to Mrs. Fox and her mathematicians!  

And, Stephanie Masters, our French/Spanish Teacher, has been named a semi-finalist for New Hampshire's Teacher of the Year!!  Kudos to Mrs. Masters and we wish her the best of luck through the rest of the process.  

More next week on other news.....


posted Apr 17, 2017, 4:09 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good afternoon.  We have finished our first week of SBAC testing.  I am very proud and appreciative of the effort the students put into the assessment.  Our teachers have worked hard in both preparing them for the exam and encouraging them to give it their best effort.  I saw a lot of “best efforts” over the past 4 days.  I’m a happy principal today.  We will do the math portion the week we return from vacation; make-ups for this week will begin on Monday.

All band and chorus members (families, too!) are invited to attend the Manchester Fisher Cats baseball game (versus the Portland Sea Dogs) on Tuesday, May 23.  A permission slip was sent home earlier.  Our students will be performing at the game, as well.  We also have two big concerts coming up; the Monster Band Concert on May 11 and the District Choral Concert on May 18.  Both are awesome events!

For our parents of 7th graders:  It is time for your child to select whether they wish to take Spanish or French next year in the 8th grade.  Students/parents can register by logging into their MMS Portal and follow the registration link for 2017-18, located at the bottom of the page.  This needs to be done by next Friday (4/21/17).

The following students qualified to compete in the regional competition of the National History Bee in Melrose, Massachusetts last Saturday:  Henry Stow, Patrick Gandini, Michael Kitto, Matthew Farah, Timmy Jagusch, Colby Smith, Peter Christensen, and Kendall Jones.  To qualify for the nationals a student had to score in the top 25% in New England on an online assessment and two rounds of “Jeopardy!” style questions.  Patrick, Michael, Matthew, and Kendall all qualified for the national event to be held in Atlanta later in June.  Congrats!

The 5th Grade DARE Graduation will take place in the high school auditorium on Tuesday at 6:00.

The deadline for the PTA’s Annual Spring Poetry Competition is next Tuesday (4/18/17).

The 5th/6th grade after-school social will take place next Wednesday (4/19/17) from 2:30-4:00 in various parts of our building.

Tip from the Middle Years*  All Kinds of Kindness - Be a model - Seeing kindness in action may encourage your tween to behave kindly, too.  Invite him to go with you when you run an errand for a neighbor, and point out why you’re helping.  Going out of your way for another person lets him see that kindness is important.

Thank you and have a joyous weekend!



posted Apr 10, 2017, 4:13 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good afternoon.  Next week is a very important week as we begin our Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) testing.  Next week is the English/Language Arts (ELA) portion of the test and the week of May 1 will be the Math portion of the SBAC test.  Next week, the 5th and 6th Graders will test on Tuesday and Thursday while the 7th and 8th Graders will test on Wednesday and Friday.  We will provide breaks, snacks, and water for the students as well as not assign any homework next week to make next week easier to manage for them.  I need you help, please, in encouraging your child to do their very best.  It is important to our school in terms of forming curriculum and improving instruction as well as a chance for us to show off how “wicked smaht” our students are!  Yes, we all know that there are many more indicators to a school’s or child’s success than a standardized test but this indeed one of those ways so we need to take advantage of this.  Getting them a good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast will do wonders for the brain!  As always, thank you for your support in making this school a great place to learn.

On Tuesday, we are hosting the final 7th and 8th Grade Mathalon Meet of the year.  There will be more than 15 schools and 160 students competing.  Currently, we are tied for second place with Laconia Middle School.  Go Hawks!

I have attached the April Edition of the Gilford Parks and Rec newsletter; they offer a wide variety of excellent activities.

Auditions for our Spring play, “Into the Woods” will take place on Monday from 4:45-6:30 in the MS Chorus room.  Auditions are open to any student in grades 5-8.  The performance is scheduled for June 1, 2 & 3.  Please contact Matt Demko if you have any questions.

Congratulations to the following National History Day contestants who have successfully moved on to the national competition in Washington, DC in June:  Matthew Farah (1st place Paper), Kendall Jones (2nd place Website), Mae Kenney (2nd place Performance), Kathryn Osburn (1st place Performance), and Kaelan O’Connor (2nd place Documentary).  Kaelan also received the National Archives Research Award (NARA) for primary source use.  Finishing 3rd were Angie Bonnell (Exhibit), Alaina Osburn (Documentary), and Jacqueline Nash & Emma Tierno (Group Performance); they will advance to DC if one of the other competitors in the state are not able to attend.  Thomas Cain (Exhibit) and Shushu Sawyer (Paper) also competed at PSU last weekend.

If your child is interested in music camp this summer, Lyvie Beyrent has suggested two very good options. One takes place at UNH called the Summer Youth Music School (SYMS) and lasts for a week and the other lasts for several weeks up in Maine called Camp Encore.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Beyrent.

Once again from our nurse, Beth Haddock, a notice of recalled Epipens.  All Epipens kept in our health office have been checked are not affected.  Follow this link for a list of impacted lot numbers.

Thank you and have a nice weekend.


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