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posted Jan 14, 2019, 4:09 AM by Suzanne Laliberte

Good evening.  Pretty good. We’re at 95% Winter Carnival permission slips returned; only missing 15.  I’d really like to get 100% so I will take them Monday morning; I really need to let Gunstock know on Monday of our numbers.

Towards the end of these email is a letter from our 3 nurses here in the school district regarding the flu season; unfortunately, we do have confirmed cases.  I have also attached a .pdf from the CDC regarding tips on how to get through the flu season safely.

Also. attached to this email is a flyer for the upcoming Lakes Region Girls Softball Winter Clinics.

In Mr. Neveln’s 5th Grade Guidance class, students are undertaking a respect and tolerance project.  They are to choose a topic (autism, Asperger’s, anxiety, traumatic brain injury, deployed military families, ADHD, etc.) that they feel would benefit the students at GMS to know more about.  The hope is that the more people know, the more understanding people are of and to others.

Dear Parents of Gilford School District,

I hope this letter finds you well and you are enjoying some winter activities.  As of this week we do have confirmed cases of the Flu and are following recommendations regarding the treatment and recovery of Influenza. Just like with any other illness, we ask that parents uphold our school policies and keep children home when they have fevers over 100 degrees, have contagious symptoms of active coughs, vomiting, or diarrhea. It is extremely important that Influenza like illness symptoms like fever, body aches, nasal congestion, sore throat, fatigue, and cough be reported to the school nurses.  Children can return to school when they are fever free for 24 hours or more without the use of fever-reducing medications, and their symptoms have subsided. If you are unsure of whether to keep your child home or need medical advice, please contact them directly. Please see Flu information in the attachment below.

Also, please continue to help us educate your child on transmission prevention by role modeling and encouraging good hand-washing techniques and by coughing in your sleeve.  Our custodial staff is alerted and actively involved in our efforts to reduce transmission of illnesses. Please make sure the school office has your correct phone numbers on file, and additional emergency contacts are up to date.  


Jennifer Johansson (GES), Beth Haddock (GMS), Meg Jenkins (GHS)

Next Week’s Events:

Tuesday = Nordic Ski Meet @ White Mountains (2:30); Boys B/A Hoops (3:30/4:45); Girls B/A Hoops @ Alton (3:30/4:45)

Wednesday = Boys/Girls A Hoops @ Franklin (3:30/4:45); Unified Hoops (3:30); Winter Sports Photos immediately after school

Thursday = Alpine Ski Meet (9:30); Girls/Boys B Hoops (3:30/4:45); 8th Grade Parent Night @ GHS (6:30)

Friday = Boys A/B Hoops @ Interlakes (4:00/5:15); Girls A/B Hoops (4:00/5:15)

Have a nice weekend and stay warm!


Attachments available for 30 days until Sunday, February 10, 2019:
Flu advice 2019.pdf
Copy of LRGS Winter Warm UP_Evaluations (UPDATED 2019) - Google Docs.pdf

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