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Good afternoon.  From all reports, our students did us proud yesterday at both Gunstock and the Merrill Fay Ice Arena on their day of Winter Carnival fun.  We even had the kindergarteners stop by for a few runs on the Tubing Hill; our students let them cut the line ahead of them so they could get in an extra run or two.  Proud moment for a principal.

I have attached 2 documents to this email:

  • Our Volunteer Steering Committee’s “Valentine’s Craft Day” for 5th, 6th and 7th Graders on Monday

  • The Gilford Parks and Rec February Newsletter

Below are links to two events at the Gilford Youth Center:

Upcoming Events*:

Saturday & Sunday = Boys/Girls A Basketball Tournament at Winnisquam

Monday = Unified Basketball at Alton (3:30)

Tuesday & Wednesday = Girls B Basketball Tournament at Belmont; Boys B Basketball Tournament at GMS

Wednesday = Nordic Ski Meet at Fall Mountain (3:00); Early Release (12:06)

Thursday = Alpine Ski Meet at Attitash (9:30); Unified Basketball Jamboree at Laconia (3:00)

*There will be NO Homework Group on Thursday, February 22

This week’s tip from the “Middle Years”  I care about you*  Caring about others can make your child feel good about himself and even help him make new friends.  Inspire compassion with these ideas:  Trade Places-Suggest that he put himself in someone else’s shoes.  Say his friend is disappointed because he didn’t make a sports team.  Your tween could think about how he would feel if he worked hard for something and didn’t get it. Seeing things from his friend’s perspective will help him understand his friend’s feelings and empathize.  Take Action-Encourage him to find a way to support others who are going through a rough time.

Thank you and enjoy the weekend.


*Resources for Educators, February 2018

Attachments available for 30 days until Sunday, March 11, 2018:
Valentine’s Craft Day.pdf
P&R News Feb. '18.pdf

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