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posted Feb 15, 2019, 10:32 AM by Suzanne Laliberte

Good afternoon.  Next week is Spirit Week here at GMS.  This event, sponsored by our own Student Council, is geared to include some zany, safe fun (or at least as much as I can bear).  Monday is “Crazy Hair Day,” Tuesday is “Twin, Triplet, Quadruplet...Dress Alike Day,” Wednesday is “Hawaiian Day” where students can wear an Hawaiian shirt or even a Hula Skirt; Leis will be provided by Student Council, Thursday is “Class Color Day” where each class is assigned a color (5th Grade, Red; 6th Grade, White; 7th Grade, Blue; 8th Grade, Black) to wear (t-shirt or sweatshirt but no face-painting), and Friday is “Comfy Day” where students can wear their PJ bottoms.  Yes, I will survive the week….

This year we are hosting the annual GMHS Unified Hoops Alumni game.  This will take place on Thursday at 3:00. There is a Pot Luck Dinner after the game so if you are willing to help out with either the food, set-up or clean-up, please let our own Cheryl Bryan know as soon as possible.

Barring any more snow days, we will be moving the end of our 2nd Trimester to Tuesday, March 19 with report cards going out the following Monday.

Last weekend out Math Team took 3rd Place in the Regional Competition of MathCounts up at PSU.  This means that our team comprising of Taryn Wernig, Murphy Harris, Samantha Dahl and Ben Suranyi will be moving on to the state competition on March 9th.  Also moving on, as individuals because of their scores, will be Samantha Dahl, Ben Suranyi, Jesse Powers and John Blandford. And our team is still in first place in the Lakes Region League. Congrats team members and Coach Bowler!

Along with the elementary school, the middle school is working towards implementing the program, “Choose Love.”  This program, born out of the Parkland School shooting tragedy, is a social and emotional learning program that teaches educators and their students how to choose love in any circumstance and helps them become connected, resilient, and empowered individuals; at no cost. These skills, tools and attitudes have been proven through decades of scientific research to be the best way to ensure a healthy, meaningful and purpose-filled life.  Next week, we will highlight of the “how to choose love everyday” (see attachment) with the students to celebrate Social and Emotional Learning Awareness Month.

As you know, “vaping” has become an issue in the community and communities across the country.  Below I will share with you some facts (from the FDA, CDC, and SmokeFree.gov) about vaping and the use of e-cigarettes that I would encourage you to discuss with your children:

  1. Vaping devices are risk-free and contain no nicotine.

    1. False. Vaping liquid or e-juice is full of harmful substances and 99% of e-cigarettes contain nicotine.

  2. Nicotine is not as addictive as other harmful drugs.

    1. False.  Not is it more addictive to "popular" drugs, it is even more addictive to the immature teen brain thus putting the teen at greater risk because the brain is still growing.

  3. Nicotine primes the brain for other drug addictions.

    1. True.  Nicotine in “vapes” or e-cigarettes serve as a “gateway drug.”

  4. Teen e-cig users are more likely to start smoking.

    1. True.  Nearly 31% of those who vape are likely to start smoking while 8% who don’t vape will start smoking.

  5. All e-cigarettes have the same amount of nicotine.

    1. False. Juul has one of the highest nicotine content (59mg/ml) in the market; or 1 Juul pod is equal to one pack of cigarettes (25).

I will share more data on the dangers of vaping next week.  I am also emailing our students this information.

Events next week:

Monday - Nordic Ski Meet at Sandwich (10:00); Unified Hoops Tournament (3:00)

Tuesday - Public Hearing on School Warrant Articles at the GHS auditorium (6:00)

Thursday - Unified Hoops Alumni Game (3:00)

Take care.


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