posted May 1, 2017, 4:05 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good morning.  I hope that you are enjoying this week with your child(ren).  It is hard to believe that when they return to school on Monday, we’ll be saying “next month and school will be over!”  Speaking of when they return on Monday; on Tuesday the students will begin the math portion of the SBAC testing.  I was very pleased as to how hard they worked during the ELA portion and am hoping for a repeat performance.  There will be no nightly homework assigned that week so that students can just focus on giving it their best on the test.

The Unified Club will be joining the high school’s Unified Club on Friday, May 5th to go bowling at Funspot from 3:30-5:30.  We will have pizza, drinks, and bowl two strings.  The cost is $10.  Please contact Ms. Belanger with any questions and to let her know if you are attending.

Last week, Mr. Sperazzo (GHS principal) sent a warning to parents about the current Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why.”  This is a show that has become very popular with teenagers and is about a high school student who kills herself and leaves behind audiotapes detailing the events that led to her death.  In each tape, she essentially blames her death on the actions (or inactions) of a group of classmates and a faculty member.  We feel that it is “unsafe” and much too graphic for our students to watch.  If you are considering letting your child watch, please be sure to research the program beforehand.  Just my two cents….

I have attached three documents in this email.  One, regarding our Summer Math Academy; two, the May School Board Agenda;  and the other, the Gilford Got Lunch program.  Please pay attention to all three.

We will be holding our annual Talent Show Reviews on May 24th and 25th after school.  Students of all talents are encouraged to participate, whether they are gymnasts, singers, dancers, musicians, etc.  Everyone is able to participate with coaching from Mr. Warnick and Mrs. Moynihan.

The GMS/GHS Chess Club will meet on May 11th, 18th, and 25th in our cafeteria after school from 2:30 to 3:30.

Congratulations to our D.A.R.E. Project winners:  Michael Guerin, Avery Hennig, Riley Powers, Eizabeth Albert, Caroline Guest, Charlotte Lehr, and Ryan Guyer.  Kudos to SRO O’Neill and Mr. Donovan for organizing this important program.

In regards to next year’s schedule, please let either Mrs. Zimmer or Mrs. Moynihan know if your child is NOT going to participate in Band and/or Chorus next year.  Otherwise, we will assume that they are and put it in their schedule.

Our office will be closed on Thursday and Friday this week.  The SAU office, however, will be open on those days.  

Thank you and enjoy this last week of April.


Attachments available for 30 days until Thursday, May 25, 2017:
GGL 2017 Reg Form & Info.pdf