posted Jun 18, 2018, 4:48 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good afternoon and welcome to the last weekly parent update of the school year!  Today was a very special day at the middle school as we had two major events; the Silver Hawk Award Ceremony and the Talent Show.  

Regarding the Talent Show, I am always amazed as to the varied talents our students possess.  It is pretty cool to see the things that they do as we often do not have a platform here for them to show off their skills.  Kudos to Mr. Warnick and Mrs. Moynihan for organizing this event.

We started off the day with the 3rd Trimester Silver Hawk Awards.  We did things differently this trimester by increasing the number of recipients (it is always difficult for the teachers to pick just one boy and one girl each time.  We decided to take a page out of the Unified Arts Team method of choosing Silver Hawks: Each teacher (at each grade level) votes for the students (no limit) who they feel best exemplify what it is to be a responsible, resourceful, respectful and confident learner.  If the student receives a vote from each and everyone of their teachers then they earn the award.

Winners for each grade level (and UA) for Trimester 3 are:  Grade 8 - Kaleena Dyer, Vanessa Genakos, Nicole Green, Ashley Kulscar, Zoe Lehneman, Alexa Leonard, Avery Marshall, Harry Meehan, Josh Merriam, Alainnah Penney, Nathaniel Poll, Mackenzie Roys, Reece Sadler & Matthew Smith.  Grade 7 - Samuel Cheek, Patrick Gandini, Murphy Harris, Sydney Irons, Michael Kitto, Landon Lewis, Camryn Marshall, Madison Nash, Lauryn Nash-Boucher, Savannah Neuman, Ashley Sanderson, Joseph Schelb, Lily Tierno & Taryn Wernig.  Grade 6 - Elizabeth Albert, Aiden Bondaz, Madeline Burlock, Samantha Dahl, Sienna Diaz, Kimberly Griffin, Carolina Guest, Madelyn Guest, Ryan Guyer, Hayley Jeffreys, Haukur Karlsson, Abigail Kenyon, Scott Kulscar, Charlotte Lehr, Rosabella Lesniak, Abigail Seal, Lydia Stefan, Rylee Stefan, Benjamin Suranyi & Addy Wernig.  Grade 5 - Rachel Beck, Hunter Bell, Anna Coapland, Georgia Eckhardt, Isabelle Johnson, Abigail Morin, Kendall Myers, Lamija Pintol, Sophia Powers & Benjamin Wolpin.  Unified Arts - (Grade 8) - Zoe Lehneman, Avery Marshall, Anna Cook, Tyler Hazelton, Harper Meehan, Owen Nelson, Lauren Sikoski & Catherine Stow; (Grade 7) - Sam Cheek, Patrick Gandini, Murphy Harris, Sydney Irons, Camryn Marshall, Savannah Neuman, Ashley Sanderson, Joseph Schelb, Taryn Wernig, Emily Watson, Maria Uicker, Brenna O’Connor, Alison Kenyon, Madison Hazelton & Alexandra Fay; (Grade 6) - Elizabeth Albert, Madeline Burlock, Samantha Dahl, Caroline Guest, Madelyn Guest, Ryan Guyer, Hayley Jeffreys, Abigail Kenyon, Rosabella Lesniak, Addy Wernig, Elli Nicholas, Lela Hodgkins, Eva Lacy, Vincent Marcella, Rylee Powers, Carter Forest & Tristan Reinhold; (Grade 5) - Rachel Beck, Hunter Bell, Lamija Pintol, Sophie Powers, Josiah Valentine, Micah Javalgi, Harry Jenkins, Carter Laliberte & Lauren Nazer.

Our Robotics Team, led by Mrs. Damato, gave a wonderful presentation on their year to the Gilford Rotary last Friday.  Abby Kenyon, Drew DeCarli and Mikey Mitchell spoke to the organization about their competitions, building/programming their robot, and what they learned about “waste” through their visit to the Franklin Water Plant.

If your child did not order a yearbook and would still like one, we do have a few extras that you may purchase ($20).  Please contact Mrs. Moynihan, if you are interested.

I have attached 4 documents to this email:  Two regarding our Summer Math Academy, one for our Summer Theatre Program (deadline to register is Monday), and one for a fundraising basketball tournament put on by the Partnership for Public Health.

Next week’s events:

Monday - 8th Grade Field Trip to Boston and York Animal Kingdom

Tuesday - 5th Grade Field Trip to the Flume and Cannon Mountain

Wednesday - 6th Grade Field Trip to Canobie Lake Park

Thursday - 8th Grade Moving Up Day (9:30); Early Dismissal (11:30); Last Day of School

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful summer with your families.  Don’t be afraid to encourage your child to pick up a book (or three) to read this summer.  Some creative math activities would not hurt either. “Down” time is important, too, so be sure to have some fun!

Take care,


Attachments available for 30 days until Sunday, July 15, 2018:
2018 Summer Math Academy (Grades 4 - 6) Online Brochure.pdf
2018 Summer Math Academy (Grades 7-8) Online Brochure.pdf
SUMMER CAMP FLYER 2018 (2).pdf
quest for the net for winni region.pdf