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posted Aug 31, 2018, 11:39 AM by Suzanne Laliberte

Good afternoon.  This may have been one of the nicest starts to a school year that I have ever had.  Staff weren’t just “proficient” but were “proficient with distinction”! The students truly seemed to be happy to be back in school. I am very fortunate to work with such nice staff and students.  Mr. Walsh and I spoke with each of the grade levels on the first day of school and spoke mostly about how to be good citizens with each other, filling each other’s “buckets” with positive moments and gestures, and how to stay away from the “drama” that can sometimes consume an adolescent’s life.  All four grades were great audience members; I think they appreciated being in the air-conditioned auditorium.

In the coming weeks, I plan to sit down for 5 minutes or so with each and every student to get to know them better; something I think is important for a principal to do.  I am trying to spread a positive culture at the school; filling buckets with positive moments as mentioned above. I have asked them to come prepared to answer/talk about the following questions:

  1. By what name do you like to be called?

  2. What are your hobbies or interests that you like to talk about a lot?

  3. What increases your mood or positive emotions or "fills your bucket" the most?

  4. From whom do you like to receive recognition or praise?

  5. What type of recognition or praise do you like best?  Public? Private? Written? Verbal? Another way?

  6. What is the greatest recognition you have ever received?

Many replied to my email with answers to these questions.  From their responses, I could tell that they thought this a good idea and are excited to share.  I told them in our Wednesday meeting that some of them of them might nervous about “reporting to the principal’s office” but I promised them that it would be very relaxed and that I had candy (they liked that).

I do have one question, however.  Who was the thoughtful person(s) who created the colorful, welcoming chalk-work in front of the school Wednesday morning?  That was really special and made my day when I walked in the building; the staff was really appreciative of it, as well. Many thanks for helping us start off the school year in a positive, welcoming way!

Speaking of being thoughtful and helpful, the PTA is having their annual fundraiser this year at the Gilford Youth Center on Saturday, October 13 from 6:00pm-10:30pm.  I have attached two flyers for more details. Hope you can make it and support the wonderful and generous folks in our PTA!

Hopefully by now, you have received information from our photography company about next Thursday’s “School Picture Day.”  If not, they will have order forms next Thursday so you can still purchase photos of your child.

Our Fall Sports Season starts up next Thursday and Friday with the following contests:

  • Thursday:  A/B Field Hockey (3:00/4:30); A/B Girls Soccer (3:30/4:30); B/A Boys Soccer @ Newfound (3:30/4:30); B/A Volleyball @ Newfound (3:30/4:30)

  • Friday:  A/B Boys Soccer (3:30/4:30); A/B Field Hockey @Winnisquam (3:30/4:30)

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


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