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posted Sep 25, 2018, 6:57 PM by Suzanne Laliberte   [ updated Sep 25, 2018, 6:58 PM ]

Good afternoon.  Exciting news to share with you right off the bat!  Our own Amber McLane was just selected as the NHAHPERD Middle School Physical Education of the Year!!  We have always known that Mrs. McLane has been on the forefront of improving both health and physical education but it is certainly nice (and most deserving) that she has been recognized by the state of New Hampshire.  There will be a ceremony in her honor later in November at the annual NHAHPERD Conference in Waterville Valley.

The next fingerprinting/orientation session is October 9th from 8:00-9:00 at the SAU.  More details can be found on the school district website under “Announcements.”  If you are willing to volunteer at our Lego League event in November, then you need to be sure to go through this process.  

Please consider supporting the PTA by becoming members.  You don't have to to do anything (unless you want to) besides submitting payment.  It is important to give back to a group (which will pay dividends in the future) that has been so generous to the school district. Just click here to register!  I have also attached documents regarding their fundraising efforts in the month of October.  And you can also support the PTA by shopping on their online clothing store for Gilford Schools gear and clothing!  Show your school spirit!

And speaking of helping, I have once again attached documents regarding the Gilford Got Lunch program.  There is information about the program, how you can be of help and how you can register to receive assistance.

I have continued my “principal interviews” this week and have gotten into the 7th grade.  The conversations never cease to amaze me as to where they lead sometimes. One student’s family used Homing Pigeons to help train their dog to hunt (specifically point).  I never realized that was a possibility. Unfortunately, it did not work out so well as the dog tried to eat one of the pigeons. Two different students answered when asked, “what fills your bucket with happiness?”, that he enjoyed making homemade pasta with his mom and the other said that she just likes to sit down and chat with her parents.  Pretty cool stuff. When asked if they had any special talents, one student answered, “I used to be able to lick my elbow.” We have a couple of surfers, a student who danced in Times Square, one who participates in mountain archery atop a Percheron horse (they are huge; Clydesdale like!), and a student who is bilingual; Spanish/English. You have some pretty amazing kids.  Yes, we also talk about school but they enjoy sharing what goes on in their lives outside of these walls, too.

Next Week’s Events:

Monday = A/B Boys Soccer (3:30/4:30); A/B Volleyball (3:30/4:30); B/A Field Hockey @ Newfound (3:30/4:30)

Tuesday = 8th Grade Field Trip to Camp Lincoln (7:30-4:30)

Wednesday = A Girls/Boys Soccer @ Laconia (3:30); B Girls/Boys Soccer @ Barnstead (4:00/5:00); A Volleyball @ Laconia (3:30)

Thursday = A/B Field Hockey @ Kingswood (4:00/5:00)

Friday = Cribbage Play (2:30-3:45); A/B Boys Soccer (3:30/4:30); A Girls Soccer @ Alton (3:30); A Volleyball @ Alton (3:30); Cross Country Invitational (4:00)

I hope you have a chance to catch some of the high school’s Homecoming contests tomorrow!

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Attachments available for 30 days until Sunday, October 21, 2018:
2018-2019 GGL school Program enrollment info.pdf
2018-2019 school program application WEEKEND BAG.pdf

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