posted Sep 25, 2017, 4:51 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good afternoon.  This is not only a busy time of year for our staff and students but also for groups such as the PTA and Gilford Together.  I have four attachments regarding a PTA Auction, PTA major fundraising event, PTA Free Movie Night, and a presentation on school anxiety sponsored by both the PTA and Gilford Together.  And with the help of our rejuvenated Volunteer Steering Committee (many of whom are on PTA), we hope to take part in Laconia’s PumpkinFest again this year.  But we need your help in getting pumpkins.  If you are able to help, please click here to sign up to donate pumpkins for us.  This is a great team/community building event for our students to take part.  

Here are the upcoming dates for volunteer fingerprinting as well as volunteer orientations.  All volunteers, chaperones, etc. must attend orientation before they are considered as an approved volunteer/chaperone.

  • Fingerprinting Clinics (at the SAU)

    • Wednesday, September 27 (1:00-3:00)

    • Thursday, October 12 (8:00-10:00)

  • Volunteer Orientations (at GHS)

    • Tuesday, September 26 (5:30)

    • Tuesday, October 3 (6:00)

We hope to continue the 8th Grade Introductory Technology/Engineering Program at the high school.  Please remind your child to return their permission slip.  The purpose of this program is to provide students with an opportunity to participate in engineering activities during their study hall block.

The nurse is still missing health forms for students.  This is the blue sheet of paper that went home the first week of school.  It is very important that this form is filled out and returned as soon as possible.  If you did not receive one or lost the original, more can be found in our main office.

What’s going on in your child’s classroom?  Well, here is a snapshot of some cool stuff from our talented teachers from each grade level, including our Unified Arts:

  • Grade 5

    • In Mr. Donovan’s class, students are learning about observing and measuring weather (I always wanted to be a meteorologist so I really enjoyed sitting in on this particular class).  Students were very knowledgeable in regards to the different tools that are used.

  • Grade 6

    • In Mrs. Cahoon’s class, students are learning how to be cartographers.  She came up with a “smart person’s” version of Battleship to teach the students about longitude and latitude.  Students even remembered what “cardinal direction” was from what they learned in Mrs. Watterson’s class last year!

  • Grade 7

    • In Ms. Scudder’s class, students were sharing their personal interpretations of a poem that they had just read.  Not only was their insight impressive but how well they respected each other’s difference of opinion.  This is what we call creating a safe learning environment.

  • Grade 8

    • It was perfect timing in Mr. Meyer’s class as when I was there students were presenting a case study on corporal punishment in schools.  As you could probably guess, this topic generated great discussion amongst the students.

  • Unified Arts

    • In Mrs. Sanborn’s Music class, students were listening to classical music, specifically different instruments that were being played.  Today’s focus was on the cello.  It was hard for me to leave the room with that beautiful music playing.

From time to time I will share more on what our wonderful staff is doing day-in-day out here at the middle school.  I could write a book on the interesting learning that goes on in this building each day.  

Thank you and enjoy the weekend.


Attachments available for 30 days until Sunday, October 22, 2017:
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