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posted Sep 28, 2018, 6:44 AM by Suzanne Laliberte   [ updated Sep 28, 2018, 6:48 AM ]

Good morning.  I am working my way (slowly but surely) through the 7th grade for my “principal interviews.”  And as usual, there are little nuggets of information that I find fascinating. Speaking of “nugget,” one of our students has a Chinese Dwarf Hamster (didn’t know there was such a being) named, “Nugget.”  One of our students is very proud that her dad is a star on the television series, “Northwoods Law.” Don’t worry, he’s on the “right” side of the law on the program. An entire family (parents and 3 children) all had Mrs. Peters as their teacher in the 3rd grade!  And another student is teaching herself to play the piano; she was inspired by Mrs. Sanborn’s keyboarding class here at GMS!

Tip from the Middle Years* - A+ Organizing Strategies - Create Command Centers:  Encourage your tween to keep school-related materials in specific places so she’ll always know where they are.  Have her choose a spot near the front door for items like her backpack, musical instrument, and gym shoes so they’ll be ready to go when needed - Use 5 Minute Wonders: Suggest these habits that take only a few minutes.  Before leaving school each day, she can scan her planner to check dates and deadlines for assignments/tests. - Keep an Estimate Log: Knowing how long tasks actually take will give your tween an edge when organizing her time.  Suggest that she time herself completing different types of schoolwork. She could write the times in her planner refer them later to help her budget accurately in the future.

Next week’s events:

Monday = A Girls Soccer (4:00); B Volleyball (4:00); A/B Field Hockey (4:15/5:15); School Board Meeting @ GHS (6:00; agendas attached)

Tuesday = A/B Boys Soccer @ InterLakes (4:00/5:15); Cross Country Meet @ Belmont (3:30)

Wednesday = A/B Field Hockey (4:00/5:15); Early Release (12:20)

Thursday = A Girls/Boys Soccer @ Gilmanton (4:00); A/B Field Hockey (4:00/5:15); B Girls/Boys Soccer @ Moultonborough (4:00);  A/B Volleyball @ Gilmanton (4:00/5:15)

Thank you and have a nice day!


*Resources for Educators, September 2018

Attachments available for 30 days until Sunday, October 28, 2018:
10-1-2018 Gilford Gilmanton Joint Board Meeting Agenda.pdf
10-1-2018 Gilford School Board Meeting Agenda.pdf