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posted Oct 9, 2018, 4:30 AM by Suzanne Laliberte

Good afternoon.  As I emailed to my wonderful staff earlier today, the next few weeks could prove to be tough ones to endure; full of stress, late nights, exhaustion, frustration, etc.  Yes, the Red Sox are in the playoffs and expectations are high. We can get through this….

Mrs. Baron, who does a masterful job of managing our library, will from time-to-time conduct STEM challenges for students to take part during their study hall.  This past week, they participated in the “Gumdrop Structure Challenge.” Using 10 gumdrops and 20 toothpicks, they had to design a structure that could hold the weight of a middle school yearbook.  They had to be familiar with “load distribution”, different types of structures, shape comparisons and even physics. I believe the winner was able to create a structure that held 4 middle school yearbooks without collapsing.

Mrs. Barbour, our talented Reading Specialist, has a challenge of her own; and that is for the middle school students to read 5,000 books this year.  Last year our student body read more than 4,500! She has created a “thermometer” to measure our progress toward our goal and to increase the number of “million word readers.”  

Next Thursday, we will be doing our to support a community event by carving pumpkins for the city of Laconia’s annual Pumpkin Festival.  Marc Bourgeois of MB Tractor has, once again, generously provided us enough pumpkins for each student to carve. Gigi Johnson of our volunteer steering committee is the brains (and brawn) behind this event.  Without those two, this probably would not take place this year. Many thanks….

You and your family can get free flu shots at any of the 11 ConvenientMD locations (8:00-8:00, 7 days a week).  No appointment is needed. They do charge insurance at No Cost to the patient but also offer flu shots At No Cost to patients without insurance.

I have spent the past two afternoons with the Legosmiths/Robotics team as they prepare for their November 17 competition; stay tuned for how you can help.  The theme this year is “Into Orbit.” The students were practicing their presentations with me which were about problems that travelers would meet in space and how they would solve those problems.  They also have to build and program robots to complete tasks (from simplistic to extremely difficult) that space travelers would encounter. I was very impressed with their knowledge of the material and their enthusiasm; they were much smarter than the audience (me).

Tips from the Middle Years* - In School Every Day - One of the best ways to help your child have a successful year is to make sure he attends school every day from start to finish.  If he asks for a “day off,” explain that learning is his job. To keep up with new material and participate in class, he has to be there. You can let him know that his days off come during winter break and spring break.  Regular attendance at school now will create a habit that he’ll continue through his school years; and one day, on the job.

Events Next Week:

Monday - No School (Columbus Day)

Tuesday - Policy Committee @ GHS (7:30am, agenda attached); A Girls/Boys Soccer (3:30/4:45); A/B Volleyball @ Moultonborough (4:00/5:00)

Wednesday - Cross Country Meet @ Prospect Mtn (4:00); Meadows Committee @ SAU (6:00)

Thursday - A/B Field Hockey (3:30/4:45); Cross Country Meet @ Plymouth (4:00)

Friday - A Boys/Girls Soccer (3:30/4:45); A Field Hockey @ Laconia (3:30); A/B Volleyball (3:30/4:30)

Thank you and enjoy the long weekend.  And go Sox!


*Resources for Educators, September 2018

Attachments available for 30 days until Sunday, November 04, 2018: