posted Oct 27, 2017, 4:16 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good rainy afternoon.  I’d like to start this week’s edition by sharing with you some of the great things your children are doing with our wonderful staff.

  • In Mrs. Barbour’s Reading Class, students created “impromptu poetry.”  They had to choose a color and write about what that color means to them.  They used a lot of amazing symbolism that I found hard to believe that came from 7th graders!

  • Grade 5 - Speaking of symbolism, in Mrs. Watterson’s Social Studies Class students were using Britannica Online to research American landmarks.  They needed to describe the landmark, learn about its history/importance, where it can be found, and what it symbolizes for we American citizens.

  • Grade 6 - A little while back, students in Mrs. Walsh’s Language Arts Class were doing two things; some were group editing their papers while others were learning about the importance of punctuation (commas, capitalization, conjunctions, interjections, etc.).  When observing students working on the latter, I couldn’t get those Schoolhouse Rock songs out of my head….

  • Grade 7 - The best way to describe Mrs. Kovar’s Math Class is to think of an ant colony:  Students working in small groups on different items (Khan Academy, Eureka, or direct instruction from Mrs. Kovar) and rotating through those three activities throughout the class.  Everyone having different roles/jobs but working harmoniously towards the same goal; learning math.

  • Grade 8 - You’ve heard of “speed dating” but have you heard of “speed book dating?”  Mrs. Nicol had the students do the latter.  Their task was to convince the other student (in a timed session) to read the same book they had read by explaining to them the plot, characters, setting etc.  These were their independent reading books.  A great way to spread the notion that reading IS fun!

  • Unified Arts - In Mr. Demko’s Theatre Class, students were once again showing their amazing creativity by creating short plays with just using a series of random words.  Much like Mrs. Barbour’s class, their imagination was amazing.  There was no fear of failing; they were just letting it out there!

If you accidentally deleted my email earlier this week, you can find information regarding parent conferences on our school’s website.  Here is the direct link on how to sign up.

Our Student Council has been very active lately.  One, they will be sponsoring a Pay-A-Dollar and Wear-A-Costume on Halloween.  Costumes must be school appropriate, no masks, heavy face paint/make-up, weapons or gore, and students must be recognizable.  Second, they are looking to raise money for Heifer International (a charity organization working to end hunger and poverty around the world by providing livestock and training to struggling communities).  They are hosting an assembly tomorrow for the entire school explaining the endeavour.  We all can help out by going to our page on the Hefer website.

Reminder that tomorrow night is our Grade 7 & 8 Halloween Dance (7:00-8:30).  Cost is $5.00.  There will be snacks and water to purchase (no pizza) at the dance.  Kudos to our Volunteer Steering Committee for providing the snacks!

Take care,