posted Nov 3, 2017, 5:24 AM by Suzanne Bowen

Good morning.  My thoughts go out to those families (which is most of you) that had lost power for an extended length of time this week.  And especially to those who suffered damage and/or lost a lot of money to spoiled food.  You obviously did a great job in keeping your kids’ spirits up as they did come into school on Wednesday looking happy; a bit dazed and tired but happy.  I know that there are still about 100 homes or so in town that are still without power so I send positive thoughts their way.

There are three upcoming meetings that I would like to make you aware:  Tomorrow morning at 8:00 is the last School Board Budget Work Session at the SAU.  On Monday at 7:00 (following the 5:30 regular monthly meeting) is the Gilford School Board Public Meeting on the 2018-2019 Proposed Budget.  This is to allow the Board to give a public presentation on the budget and a chance for the discussion from Gilford Residents.  Both the Board meeting and Budget meeting will take place at the high school.  

If you have yet to sign up for parent conferences (which are held next Wednesday evening and Thursday during the day), please visit our website or you can go directly here to the page.  There will still be Homework Group on Wednesday.  Also, remember that there is no school next Thursday (conferences) nor Friday (Veterans Day observance).

Tips from the “Middle Years,” Respect All Around.*  Respecting himself:  Tweens with self-respect are more likely to stick to their values and say no to risky behaviors.  Teach your child to check in with himself before he makes decisions.  Respecting others:  Explain that showing respect will make it easier for your tween to get along with adults and peers--and help him earn their respect, too.  He can do that by treating people as he wishes to be treated.  Respecting the environment:  Encourage your middle grader to adopt the motto, “Leave a place better than you found it.”  To put that into practice, he might throw away trash that he sees in your neighborhood or at a park (or outside at recess or in the cafeteria!).  Conserving resources is another way to respect nature.

Thank you.  Have a good day.  Turn back those clocks this weekend and enjoy the extra hour of sleep!


*Resources for Educators, November 2017

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