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posted Nov 20, 2018, 10:01 AM by Suzanne Laliberte

Good afternoon.  If you missed it, don’t worry.  We hope to host again next year.  Talking, of course, about this past Saturday’s First Robotics/LEGO League competition held here at GMS.  We had 20 teams from throughout the state competing for various awards. The event went off without a hitch due to the tireless (and seemingly endless) work of our technology teacher/LEGO advisor, Andrea Damato.  This event was a huge undertaking for the school and if it were not for the magic of Mrs. Damato and her merry band of volunteers, it would have not been nearly as successful as it was. I am very proud of her work and proud of the many, many student and community members who worked here very late on Friday and all day on Saturday.  The other schools could not stop commenting on how is was so well run.

And, one of our own teams took home the CORE VALUES award.  The award went to the team that best embodied the FIRST philosophies of:  Discovery; exploring new skills and ideas. Innovation; using creativity and persistence to solve problems.  Impact; applying what is learned to improve our world. Inclusion; respecting one another and embracing our differences.  Teamwork; showing that we are stronger when we work together. Fun; enjoying and celebrating what we do! Kudos to John Blandford, Vincent Marcella, Ben Selfridge and Ben Smith!

Kudos also to Mr. Bowler and his team of mathletes for taking second place (just 4 points shy of first!) at last week’s Math Meet up at Plymouth.  Their next meet will be a “virtual” one that will take place during the week of December 10.

Many thanks to our students and staff for creating hundreds of holiday greeting cards for our troops and first responders to help make this time of season more special.

This week’s tip for middle school parents comes from Scholastic is “13 Tips for Success from a Middle School Principal.”

  1. Help your child manage homework time

  2. Show interest in your child’s studies

  3. Discuss ideas and feelings about school, studies, and activities

  4. Read and review with your child the information that schools and districts provide

  5. Contact counselors, administrators, and teachers periodically

  6. Be sure that he/she attends school on a regular basis

  7. Encourage them to pursue interests and make friends through extracurricular activities

  8. Know your child’s friends

  9. Make it clear that they must follow school rules and policies

  10. Encourage him/her to get to know his/her counselor

  11. Attend parent meetings

  12. Volunteer at school

  13. Consistently acknowledge and reward efforts at school

Next week’s events:

Monday = Winter sports practices begin

Tuesday = Cribbage Play (2:30-3:30); Budget Committee Meeting at GHS Library (6:30)

Thursday = Budget Committee Meeting at Town Hall (6:30)

Friday = Last day of the first Trimester (tentative)

Lastly, I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving.

Thank you and take care,