posted Feb 23, 2017, 1:00 PM by Natalie Wyatt

Good afternoon.  I hope that this email finds you and your families well.  Perhaps some of you will be visiting exotic locales or majestic mountain peaks over vacation?  I plan on going to Tilton; we have Kohl’s Bucks to spend.….

Someone shared this article with me, “8 things kids need to do by themselves by age 13.”  Click on the link to see how your child would measure up.  I must admit, the author would not be happy with me and Mrs. Sawyer.

On Tuesday we had our first high school/middle school/alumni Unified Basketball game.  It was a great event (including a pot luck supper) that those who played wanted to do this every year.  Look for an article soon in one of the local papers!

Search for the Gilford School District on Facebook for updates regarding academics in all three schools.  Don’t be afraid to “Like” us, too!

Tip from the Middle Years*  E-cig use on the rise:  Fewer middle graders are smoking regular cigarettes these days, but more are turning to electronic smoking devices called e-cigs.  Make sure your tween knows it’s against the law for minors to use them.  Plus, using e-cigs could get them hooked on nicotine (or worse) and start a very unhealthy habit.

Upcoming Events:

Tonight:  PTA/Gilford Together sponsored “High and Seek: Mock Teen Bedroom” program at GES (6:00)

Tomorrow:  Nordic Ski Meet at Sandwich (10:30)

March 6:  School Board Meeting (6:00)

March 7:  PTA Meeting (6:30)

March 10:  Winter Carnival; Grade 7 & 8 Dance (7:00-8:30)

Thank you and have a great vacation!




*Resources for Educators, February 2017