09-03-2020 First Day Information

Good evening everyone. The adventure begins next week for all of our learners (and staff!). Again, I thank you for your continued support and patience as I muddle through this process. Having all staff here this week has certainly helped us move forward and we’ll be ready to greet students next week (both in-person and online).

As a friendly reminder, next week’s schedule looks like this:

Tuesday thru Thursday = Remote Learners will come to school to pick up their Chromebooks and other supplies

Friday = Remote Learners will run through their schedule and “meet and greet” with their Remote Teachers.

Each of the In-Person Grade Levels will spend one day at school to “meet and greet,” get their Chromebooks, run through safety protocols, etc.

Tuesday = Grade 8

Wednesday = Grade 7

Thursday = Grade 6

Friday = Grade 5

I have attached three documents to this email:

Drop-off/Pick-up Traffic Flow

Beginning at 7:10 and at 2:20, parents will be able to drop-off/pick-up their students in either the “Bus Loop” or in the original “Drop-off/pick-up Loop.” When using the original loop (especially in the afternoon) please be sure to go through the staff parking lot (as designated in the attached document) to avoid creating a traffic jam on Alvah Wilson Road.

Students will be dropped off and picked up at the high school each day and will walk over to the middle school; Mr. Walsh will keep a close eye on them!

For at least a few weeks, we will begin dismissing students (by grade levels) at 2:10 to walk to the buses at the high school. At 2:15 we will dismiss students who are being picked up and at 2:20 we will dismiss “walkers” and those participating in after school activities.

Please do not drop off your student before 7:10.

Upon exiting the car, students should be in their face masks and should keep them on until they get back in the car in the afternoon, please.

Building Entry/Exit Plan

Students will enter and exit the building each day by designated grade level locations: Grade 5 (5th Grade Stairwell); Grade 6 (Outside Gym Door); Grade 7 (Cafeteria); and Grade 8 (Main Entrance).

Hallway Flow

We have done our best to design a “clockwise” flow between classes to mitigate congregation in the hallways.

Fall sports

Sports begin on Tuesday. You should be hearing soon (if you haven’t already) from your coaches. Student-Athletes will be able to store their equipment in the boys/girls locker rooms. Bring plenty of water!

Speaking of water. We have, on order, two additional water bottle filling stations. Right now, there is only one; located outside of the gym. Since we are not allowed to use the water fountains, students will need to bring in a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day. We will have a limited supply of bottled water in case a student forgets theirs. If you are in need of a water bottle for your child, we do have some on hand that we can give. Just have your child see someone in the main office.

Just one more email to go tonight. “See” you soon……

Take care,

Grade Level Entrances and Exits
Traffic Flow Map.pdf
Indoor Traffic Flow Pattern.pdf

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