09-03-2020 Student Schedule Information

Good morning. By the time your head hits the pillow tonight, I will have sent various updates today. Here's what you can expect as well as a couple of important notices/reminders:

Some of you may have seen what you think are schedules for your child. These are NOT correct. We are still inputting schedules. Students will find out their schedules/homerooms when they come to school next week.

The Cohorts/Schedules have been created based upon varying conditions:

Keeping class sizes as small as possible
Coordinating staffing/student schedule needs (In-Person, Remote, Special Ed, etc)
Choice of World Language (for 6th-8th graders)
Algebra vs. Pre-Algebra (8th grade)
Contact Tracing to help mitigate spread if/when the virus comes to GMS

Yes, some students may become dismayed when they fully realize that they will be with the same 14-16 kids in all of their classes. Please reinforce with them:

That these cannot be changed. It would be impossible to accommodate every request so please do not ask me to do so.
This is not for forever. We could possibly change the cohorts at the end of the trimester.
Make this an "adventure" and not an "ordeal." This is an opportunity to get to know other students better and maybe even develop new friendships.
We will encourage each cohort to develop an "identity" or develop a "team atmosphere." We will have various, small competitions between the cohorts to strengthen unity.
And I am keeping my glass half-full and hoping that they will bond together so well that they will not want to change cohorts come the second trimester.

I will send today the schedules for both in-person (not specific to student but the overall schedule) and remote learners.

Traffic flow both in and outside of the building; including entry/exit points.

A fun event from the PTA to help welcome our students back to school.

Please note: There is a time error on the Bus 8 Route. It states that students on Gunstock Hill Road will be picked up at 7:52. It should read 6:52. I'd rather them not be late for school.....

And probably other things that I can't think of right now. Stay tuned....

On a personal note, I know that this year will be hard on all of us. I am sure that each and everyone one of us has been through hard times before and probably much, much more difficult than what we're about to experience. I know I have. And through those tough times, I have always tried to look on the bright side of life. There really isn't any other option. We'll get through this adventure. Together.

More to come today. Thank you.

Take care,

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