10-02-2020 Superfund, CBE and more!

Good afternoon. We started off the school day in a fun way. I have continued my Friday Morning Video Announcements that I started last Spring; today I did it with Mr. Warnick in his first block class. It is a great way for our Remote Learners to connect to what’s happening in the building. Today we had a twist to our usual trivia question, I have created a competition between the cohorts to crown a trivia champion. I will also add each of our remote learners to a cohort here in the school. Hopefully, this will create a bond within the cohorts and better help the remote learners still feel part of the school. More than 220 students emailed me this morning with their answers to the trivia question!

If your child is sent home ill and needs to have medical testing or a doctor’s appointment before they return to school, they cannot attend any after school activities until appropriate medical documentation and clearance has been received by the school.

Attached to this email are the following documents:

Fall Athletic Pictures

Superfund Letter

Here is the link to the Superfund Ad & Donation Form

All-Weather Family Activities from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Next week’s events:

Monday = School Board Meeting (6:00)

Tuesday = Boys A/B Soccer (4:00/5:00); Girls A/B Soccer at Belmont (4:00/5:00); A Field Hockey (4:00); A Volleyball (4:00)

Wednesday = Cross Country Meet at Belmont (4:00)

Thursday = A Field Hockey at Franklin (4:00)

Friday = Girls A/B Soccer (4:00/5:00); Boys A/B Soccer at Belmont (4:00/5:00); A Volleyball at Belmont (4:00)

More Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Competency Based Education*:

Why move to competency-based grading?

Foster a “Growth” mindset in students

Supports standards based instruction and alignment between instruction and assessment

Clear Communication

“Meaning” behind grades

Information on a student’s strengths and weaknesses

Equity of experience for students; consistency within and across grade-level courses.

Increases student motivation and involvement

What is the difference between “Traditional” Grading and “Competency” Grading?

Competency-Based Grading

Traditional Grading

Based on learning goals and performance standards/competencies. One grade is given per learning goal/competency.

Based on assessment methods (quizzes, tests, homework, projects, etc.). One grade is given per assessment.

Competencies are proficiency-based. Criteria and targets are made available to students ahead of time.

Assessments are based on a percentage system. Criteria for success may be unclear.

Measures achievement only OR separates achievement from effort/behavior. No penalties or extra credit given.

Use an uncertain mix of assessment, achievement, effort, and behavior to determine the final grade. May use late penalties and/or extra credit.

Selected assessments (tests, quizzes, projects, etc.) are used for grading purposes.

Everything goes in the gradebook - regardless of purpose.

Emphasize the most recent evidence of learning when grading.

Include every score, regardless of when it was collected. Assessments record the average-not the best-work.

*adapted from O’Connor K (2002) “How to Grade for Learning”

Ever since last Spring when “all this” began, I have implored parents, staff and students that we all need to be patient with all these changes in this new era (hopefully, short lived) of education. Please remember this as we work through our new student information system and gradebook. There has been a lot thrown at us (parents, staff and students) these past 7 months but we will get through this; together.
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