Good afternoon. I hope that this email finds you and your family well. I also hope that you get to have some quality family and good friends time next week.

The Book Fair is coming to the Middle School Library from Monday 12/2 through Friday 12/6. Feel free to come and visit anytime you would like. If there are titles you see at the fair you would like to add to the library, please let Robin know. Students are welcomed to come and view the book fair whenever they have open time or are allowed by their teachers. Here is the GMS Book fair Website. Along with the books available at the fair, there is an online store which will be open 11/27-12/10.

There will also be a Book Fair Kick Off event on Monday from 2:30-3:30. The library will be hosting a trivia competition "Are you Smarter than Mr. Sawyer?" Students will compete against me (and prove once and for all they are ALL in fact smarter than I am). Snacks will be served. If you have any questions, please contact Corey Nazer, our Library/Media Director; the one who actually wrote that last bit….

You can also still volunteer to help out at the book fair by following this link. Also, please find attached a sheet explaining the importance of reading each day.

There will be no Homework Group next Tuesday.

Because of the low numbers, we are opening up spots on both the boys and girls basketball teams for 6th graders. If interested, please go to Family ID to register.

Lastly, below is an excerpt from an article from the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE), “Holidays are stressful for middle schoolers, too, “ by Judith Baenen.

“Teachers and parents can help kids in the middle grades deal with this stress.

Acknowledge that it exists. Letting kids know that you know that this can be a hard time for them helps them ease up a little bit. Teachers, especially advisers, should talk openly about the stresses of the holidays for everyone. This might allow kids to be less hard on themselves for any negative feelings that exist.

Teach stress-reduction techniques. Breathing techniques, body relaxation, mental imaging, and writing work to reduce stress. If you haven't already taught these techniques to your students, this is a good time to do it. This might also be a good time for the PE teacher to introduce yoga or tai chi as part of the daily routine.

Don't let your stress get in the way. Students who are under stress are going to act out. Kids are going to talk back more, engage in more fights, and be meaner to each other than at other times. You are the adult; work to keep your classroom on an even keel. Raising your voice and losing your patience with students only adds to the tension.

Get students to think beyond themselves. Most middle schools encourage students to participate in service projects at this time of year. Instead of asking everyone to bring in a can of food, spend quality time talking about the needs of others and the issues behind those needs. Focusing on others is a huge stress-reliever.

Preparing for the holidays can be fun if we understand that for middle schoolers, it's not always as fun as it was when they were "little." Teachers should also remember that they need to find their own stress relief over the next several weeks.”

Take care of yourselves and each other, enjoy this upcoming holiday, and gobble, gobble!

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